Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Note: I thought this got posted late on February 4th, but apparently not. Sorry!

Well, M and I are off on separate travel tomorrow. He leaves for a conference in Tampa, while T and I are heading to Washington, DC for grandparent visits. We'll be back late next week, but have a packed weekend (none of which we're cooking for!), so plan to hear from us again on Monday the 16th or Tuesday the 17th. We wish you all a lovely Valentine's - we will celebrate a bit late on the 19th (the anniversary of our first kiss!), so stay tuned for another traditional feast!

PS Did you say something about thinking about St. Patrick's Season? I thought so!

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Flynn said...

So we are in LOVE with the sesame maple tofu. In love. In fact without knowing it we popped a guest's tofu-cherry with this recipe and she loved it also. The first time we made it we didn't have snap peas so we used regular peas and that was good, but much much better with the sugar snap peas. And while it's certainly not a revolutionary comment people should roast onion all the time. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you have a fan. And it's good we liked it because I could only find a VAT of tahini insuring that we will enjoy this recipe for decades to come.