Friday, March 7, 2008

So, I have now gotten several comments/emails about the diversity of or meals. Many people are surprised that we have WAY MORE than ten dinners. this is true and sometimes the number of meals we make still shocks me. Part of how we accomplish this is related in my response to a comment back from October 28th, which I'll replicate (mostly as it was back in October) here:

"I agree, I agree, I agree! I think that the sacredness of "breaking the bread" is often forgotten in the face of the countless competing demands life throws our way. This brings up a factor in the "ten dinners" issue - that of planning. M and I make it a priority to plan our dinners so we can keep our meals together sacred. I don't think that we could eat so many different things if we didn't plan our meals each week. In fact, we have a tradition to our planning (which I also find pretty sacred). On Friday evenings we always have a dinner that is pretty easy to prepare. Once T goes to bed, M makes us each a cocktail and he cleans the kitchen while I sit at our kitchen table talking with him about menu ideas and writing our list. When it's done we have dinner. We both often get a bit tipsy before dinner arrives, but it's a nice kick off to the weekend. We then get up early on Saturday (so we weren't THAT tipsy) and hit the farmers market, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's before T's morning nap. It's a life and love sustaining tradition for us. I can't wait until T is older and he can have a kid cocktail and plan too!"

I think the other aspect of our diversity of meal options is that we have a steady influx of recipe ideas. We get Cooking Light and Eating Well magazines and I subscribe to an RSS feed from Whole Foods (which sends me regular recipe updates). I also read the weekly food section in our local paper and regularly pick up food magazines, recipe booklets, etc. I have made recipe hunting a hobby. We have a large notebook of all new recipes (yes, with tabs to organize by type of recipe) that I stick hole-punched torn pages from our magazines and print outs from Whole Foods into. When I get a new recipe I'm really excited about I stick it in my calendar to look at on the following Friday when we make the list.

By having a steady source of new ideas and planning meals for each week, we don't ever find ourselves asking, "What should we do for dinner?" If we did, we'd probably have less than ten ideas we'd come up with.

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