Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday - Out to dinner at Logan in Ann Arbor

Creamy spring soup - All (amuse buche)

Asparagus tempura - J
Shrimp spring roll - M
Ginger shrimp - L

Mini Logan salad - J
Crispy bluefish - M
Mini green papaya salad - L

Seared yellowfin tuna - M

Shrimp fennel tagliatelle - J
Crispy duck - M
Braised lamb shank - L

Cookies and milk - J
Pear pastry-M
Chocolate truffle - L

We went back to Logan tonight, this time with my mom, to have a thank you dinner for her much appreciated efforts taking care of T while we were away. They both had a great time and I swear he's taller since we left on Sunday! The dinner was amazing and quite the celebration. If anything it was better than our first visit. We shared two amazing bottles of wine, great conversation amongst ourselves and with the owner, and fantastic food. M had the six course chef's tasting menu, while the rest of us had fewer (not by many!) courses. Regardless, everyone left happy and full. We'll certainly be back soon!

J: "Truly one of the best restaurant meals ever."
M: "Best fine dining in Ann Arbor (probably Michigan!)."
L: "I've decided to marry the owner."

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