Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday - Out to dinner at Logan in Ann Arbor

Fennel salad - J
Crab cake - M
Gruyere custard - Mn

Green papaya salad (mini) - M
Logan salad (mini) - Mn

Roasted asperagus penne - J
Seared tuna steak - M
Bourbon pork tenderloin - Mn

Cookies and milk - J
Goat cheese cheesecake -M
Pear pastry - Mn

We tried a different restaurant in Ann Arbor for our first night with M's mom, Mn - Logan on Washington St. This is a small place that we have seen many times, but haven't heard much buzz about. That said, the menu looked very good. We have since moving here been to hear more and more about Logan, especially on and We decided we had to try it to see what it was like and I can un-qualifiedly say it's our new local favorite. The food was all excellent, and picky foodies that we are we could only find minor things to nit-pick about that were negatives (my balsamic reduction with the fennel salad was SO reduced it was hard to get any on my greens - when that's your level of complaint you're at a top drawer place!). The atmosphere was wonderful, the cocktails inventive and EXCEPTIONAL, the sommelier (owner too? we think so) was dead on with his INEXPENSIVE choice, and the waitress was perfection. This is another hit that makes us happy we live here.

J: "How can we have lived here for almost 1.5 years and not tried this place?!??!??"
M: "A new A2 fine-dining favorite."
Mn: "Awesome."

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