Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday - Out to dinner at Terry B's in Dexter

Tonight we were back at Terry B's in Dexter, MI to celebrate my parents' 27th wedding anniversary. This dining experience was almost as fantastic as our first visit. The only part of the evening that did not measure up was that our server was not nearly as proficient as the one we had on our first encounter. Tonight's server was perfectly fine, courteous, and friendly, but she did not exude the professionalism and attention to detail of our first. That said, I was still VERY impressed with this place and feel certain that it will be Michael's and my "go to" celebration venue while we live in Ann Arbor.

While I have little new to add to my first impression, I will say that I was very pleased with how they handled the celebration aspect of the meal. I had told the person who took our reservation that it was my parents' anniversary. At the beginning of our meal, the waitress announced that the chef was preparing us a complimentary appetizer platter to celebrate and both my parents' dessert plates had "Happy Anniversary" written on them in chocolate. Both of these were lovely touches (especially as the appetizer was one my father and M planned to share anyway!) and would have been plenty of acknowledgment of the event on their own. Together they made the evening feel incredibly special. That sort of policy sets a great restaurant apart from a good one.

J: "This is a dining experience."
M: "1) Free food is good. 2) Cinnamon gelato is better."

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