Monday, November 19, 2007

I don't mean to harp on bacon, but it has come up again! Here's a post from The Digest over on Chow (a great food-related clearinghouse) on the glories of bacon fat. Interestingly, other than the dressing recipe at the end, none of these uses for bacon grease are personal favorites. I like my bacon fried REALLY crisp and crumbled into soup or over salad. I love (again crisp) bacon in pasta sauces. I think bacon grease is a wonderful, rich fat as a starter for many recipes. That said, that's my taste and I could see any of these uses for bacon grease being good.

However you like (or don't like) your bacon, the discussion of bacon makes me think that in our rush to be healthy, we're eating too many Snackwells and not enough food. B.L.T. anyone?

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