Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Trollop pasta (recipe in the comments)
Cooked spinach in vinegar

Almond biscotti
Hot tea
Trollop pasta (our version of pasta putanesca) is one of those recipes that was created on a night when we only had the ingredients for one dinner left (the next day was grocery day) and we just couldn't muster any enthusiasm for whatever it was. Thus, we needed something that could be made out of whatever we had at hand. This was the result, and I can safely say it is our favorite dinner. If we only had ten meals, this might be two of them. We probably eat this three or four times a year.

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Easy
Chopping: Green olives, parsley
Time: 20 minutes
Make ahead: Make the sauce ahead (even freeze it) and toss it with fresh pasta.

J: "Who knew trollops ate so well?"
M: "So much better than Palio it makes me cry."


J said...

Trollop Pasta – All M and J
Serves 2 (with 2 lunches)

1 lb chunky pasta
2 T olive oil
1 can tuna, drained
2 cans diced tomatoes, undrained
25 green salad olives, chopped + 2 T olive juice
1 T capers, rinsed
.5 cup red wine
1 scant T red pepper flakes (we mean it)
.5 bunch parsley, minced

Boil pasta.
Heat oil. Sauté tuna until golden. Add the rest, except the parsley. Bring to a boil and cook until slightly thickened. Add parsley and toss with pasta.

Flynn said...

So I made the bean and goat cheese quesadillas posted a couple of years ago and have this report:

So I accidently added one and a half cups of salsa instead of the recommended half cup (not everyone who can read can cook, just so we know) and this resulted in an extremely watery concoction. I let it cook off lots of the liquid and Ed added a little flour and we ended up with a very tasty meal. It was very tomato-y, but all in all i would say it was a great success. The goat cheese, it almost goes without saying, was amazing.

Flynn: A cheesey delight for those of us who must often do without

Ed: Use the left-overs for dip!

J said...

M and I often eat the rest of the filling as dip while we're waiting for the quesadillas to cook - especially if we haven't been exactly Johnnie-on-the-spot about starting dinner. Yum, yum.

I'm glad it worked with the extra salsa! I often think they're a wee bit runny without the extra cup, so I'm glad they weren't terrible.

I think the goat cheese adds an unexpected tang to this dish that raises it to the next level.

Have them again soon :)