Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'll take this moment to plug one of our favorite food finds - a quintessential part of "the 5" - Tongol tuna. Tongol tuna is a species of tuna (like albacore or yellowfin). It has very firm flesh, but is not quite as firm as Albacore. Therefore, in this country it must be sold as "Chunk light" rather than "Chunk white" tuna. Chunk light tuna is typically stringy, watery, and (I think) often fishy smelling. It is not appealing. BUT it has DRAMATICALLY lower levels of mercury than chunk white albacore. Thus, many health conscious folks have made do with it for years. Tongol tuna comes from a smaller fish than albacore and thus has similar mercury levels to chunk light (biomagnification is what that phenomenon is called), but with a nice firm texture. In fact, it's sold as chunk white throughout Europe. Anyway, Tongol tuna is readily available, cheap, and good for you and our planet! Eat up!

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