Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday - Out to dinner at Palio

Appetizers (shared):
Mixed greens with gorgonzola

Penne arrabbiata (J)
Fettuccine alfredo (M)
This Main Street venue is mediocre, at best. Everything was oversalted and if it was possible to add fat, fat was added (often to bad effect). The bruschetta was really four mini pizzas (mealy tomatoes on toast covered with melted cheese - melted cheese???), the salad was mostly olive oil and gorgonzola, and the arrabbiata was, surprisingly, a tomato cream sauce. M's fettuccine was, amazingly, the lightest (best?) thing we ordered. Needless to say, we didn't have dessert. Perhaps the most disappointing part of our experience is that the food was almost as expensive as a meal at Gratzi (across the street, owned by the same group, and much better). We would have been happier at Macaroni Grill, and that's saying a lot.

To rectify this debacle, we moseyed over to Zingerman's Roadhouse for dessert and coffee. Yes, we've heard all the complaints - overpriced, too touristy, overrated - and we completely disagree. We have eaten all over the world and have yet to find an establishment with comparable ingredients and preparation for less money (maybe this is because almost no one has comparable ingredients). They produce culinary creations nothing short of miraculous at both the deli and the Roadhouse. For my part, our chocolate chess pie with vanilla gelato (shared), serene tea (J), and old fashioned (M) salvaged the dining aspect of our evening.

J: "This could be performance art - 'From Palio to The Roadhouse: A study in contrasts' "
M: "Bruschetta does not involve melted cheese - 'nuff said."

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M said...

And, let's be frank here, people. At the risk of sounding elitist (though God knows, my Italian forebears wouldn't think so), heed the following:


You heard me right. That's a hard "c" (or "k"). If you want a lesson in basic Italian phonics, that's why the "h" is there. It makes the "c" into a hard sound. It works the same way with the letter "g". After all, you've never heard of someone driving a "lam-bor-JEE-nee," (spelled "lamborghini") now, have you?

Here endeth the lesson. Basta! ;-)