Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Have you discovered anasazi beans yet?" - an email query from my Uncle R today. I have heard of anasazi beans (a proposed forerunner to the modern pinto bean), but have not yet tried them. Here's his email:

I do not have time to post but I was won
dering if you all had discovered Anasazi Beans yet? If not, look em up. I order them in 50 lb bags organically grown. They are a great high protein bean - fantastic flavor cooked (quickly!) with just an onion in a pot of water no soaking. Add a bit of butter when done. Substitute for almost any other red bean.

This has encouraged me to go look for them. We will probably make them like we make Soup Beans. A new bean could only be a good addition to our repertoire!

Here's an online source for anasazis (I've heard good things about Homegrown Harvest and I'll buy from them if I can't find them locally).

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