Thursday, October 8, 2009


Farfalle with almond tarragon pesto (recipe in the comments from April 18, 2009)
Sliced hierloom tomatoes

Hot tea
The tarragon plant is going crazy. I think it's almost as big as our dog. We had to do something before frost, so we're having our pesto again. How else can you use up a cup and a half of tarragon in one blow? This is AMAZING and really quite unusual. It's hard not to get seconds or even thirds. T ate four helpings! We also think the heirloom/tomatoes-in-general season is about up, so we're squeezing in as many fresh tomatoes as we can right now. It's hard to say goodbye to tomatoes, peaches and corn, even as we are embracing winter squash and the like. Regardless, an awesome meal!

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Super easy
Chopping: Tomatoes
Time: 20 minutes
Make ahead: I made the pesto early an thinned it with pasta water just before we ate.

"I'm SO glad we can have an herb garden."

The kid report:
T ate four helpings - what more can we say?

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