Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thursday - Out to dinner at Verbena

Yes, this is our new favorite restaurant and since we had a coupon expiring on the 30th we had to go back before the end of the month! The evening did not disappoint. If anything, the minor glitches from our last visit were non existent. The food was wonderful from bread to dessert and the environment so wonderfully comfortable and relaxing. I felt like M and I laughed and enjoyed ourselves more than we have on a date just the two of us in a while. Perhaps great food will do that. Yes, we will be back!

J - Grilled peach and bacon salad
M - Seared scallop with pureed beets and roasted cauliflower (special)

J - Halibut in ginger soy broth with shrimp, edamame and glass noodles
M - Venison with lots of other wonderful things

Peaches with crumble-y goodness and ginger ice cream

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