Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday - Out to dinner at Shango

When Flynn read our post back from April when we went to Shango, she commented that she wanted to try it too. So here we are with her visiting in August and we're back. First, the food was excellent again. Truly not a misstep from the marinated olives and vegetables to the entrees. That said, we had two problems - one minor and one major. The minor problem was that we forgot they didn't serve cocktails (only beer and wine) and we wereall in the mood for a cocktail before eating. Had we remembered, we would have stopped somewhere first. The second problem was muchmore serious and that was that we all felt a bit rushed. We had 7:15 reservations and were hoping for a relaxed meal to spend adult time with our visiting friend. We got our appetizers before the wine even came and the moment the appetizers were cleared the entrees went down. We were done by 8:30, which must be a record. In fact the hurried nature of the meal really contributed to our decision not to have dessert there, but to head back towards home and have coffee and dessert at Creekview. Though I am certain we'll go back to Shango for the excellent food, the hurried feel makes it seem like some different management decisions are in order.

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