Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday - Dinner at Canal Fest

So, tonight was our first full day with Grammie and we ended it with a bang - another fair! This one is on the Erie Canal. It turned out that even though Canal Fest is bigger in general than Old Home Days there was a smaller midway. We had a lot of fun anyway though - even though it turns out that T isn't ready for bumper cars :) We all had hot dogs or Italian sausage for dinner and were returning to some rides before considering our next "course" when the skies opened up and DUMPED rain on us. I have never been so wet as I was when we got back to the car simply from a rainstorm! Anyway, it made for a rather smaller (though probably healthier) dinner than planned. Despite this, we had a good time and T "likes gettin' rained on himself"...

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