Monday, June 29, 2009


Polenta with spinach, black beans, and goat cheese (recipe in the comments from February 18, 2008)

Hot tea
This is a favorite quick meal in our household and we thought tonight (the night after my first class for the summer session) might be a night for a quick dinner. This one is highly unusual - sun dried tomatoes, black beans, spinach, cumin, and goat cheese. The result seems to have no distinct flavors of any particular region, but manages to blend into a wonderful product. Also, I can never quite believe how quick this is to prepare. It's also typically a favorite of T's, who is almost always up for goat cheese!

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Super easy
Chopping: Garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, pears
Time: 20 minutes
Make ahead: You can do the spinach mixture whenever and put it over hot polenta.

J: "Perfectly quick."
M: "Still yummy!"

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