Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday - Dinner out at Sole in Williamsville

So we've been to Sole once before for brunch and had a WONDERFUL meal. In fact it was the excellent sangria from that experience that had me angling to go back last night. Sadly, tonight's experience was far less satisfying. First off, the amazing sangria was truly lackluster last night, more resembling strawberry soda than anything an adult would drink. M's margarita wasalso sweet and not very flavorful. We both got salads to start, which were lovely, but huge and the waitress would have been better off to tell us that maybe we should share. In the end we were happy for them, because M's carnitas (which we fell in love with in California and have even found a good version of here in Western New York) were really bad. They tasted like pot roast, complete with beefy gravy. This was not what we were hoping for. My veggie quesadilla was excellent - fresh grilled veggies and goat cheese with a light mango salsa. Perfect. BUT it came with a salad, unlisted on the menu that our waitress should have mentioned. Anyway, we left feeling confused becuase after the rbunch and the dinner, we just don't know what to think. I expect we'll try it again to find out, but probably not very soon.

To recover we went and had coffee drinks and shared a banana cream pie slice at Creekview and were completely soothed. What a great restaurant.

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