Friday, March 13, 2009


Whole wheat pasta with parsley pesto (recipe NOT in the comments)
Sauteed red, yellow, and orange bell peppers

Hot tea
Vanilla ice cream with blueberry wine from Niagara on the Lake!
So we got back today from our wonderful mini-trip to Niagara on the Lake. What an AMAZING place. We had a lovely time and will certainly be back. M's mom was only going to be with us for one night before she had to go home, so we decided to make a new pesto recipe, as all of us love pestos. Well, it turns out that making new things for guests *is* unpredictable. The parsley pesto we tried pretty much tasted like pure lemon. We added more walnuts and Parmesan and it got to be ok, but it was never great. If you want to make pesto try any of our other favorite versions:

The best basil pesto out there
Spinach and arugula pesto
Green pea pesto

That said, the company was fun and the peppers were perfect - a bright spring-y side for these late winter nights. The ice cream was brought to a whole new level by the blueberry wine we brought home. Thus, even with a mediocre entree, a good dinner was had by all!

Prep Notes
It depends on which of the others you plan to make :)

J: "This is never going to be a staff favorite."
M: "Not worth it."

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