Monday, March 2, 2009


Cous cous burritos (recipe in the comments from October 24, 2007)
Spinach salad
Red globe grapes

Hot tea
M was at work tonight for graduate student recruiting (he's recruiting his first student!!!!), so T and I shared one of our favorite meals that M is less partial to, cous cous burritos. I know it sounds weird, but it functions kind of like huevos ranchero, with cous cous for eggs. We love it and ate like kings together. T grinned through his cous cous and said, "Dis yummy, Mama. We eat dis tomowoah 'gain." (Translation: This is yummy, Mama. We should eat this again tomorrow.) It was a great meal to share!

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Incredibly easy
Chopping: Bell pepper, tomato
Time: 15 minutes
Make Ahead: The cous cous saves well to be reheated into burritos

J: "It's ok that M eats elsewhere some nights."
T: "Dis yummy, Mama. We eat dis tomowoah 'gain."

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