Saturday, March 14, 2009


Beggerman's stew(recipe in the comments from March 8th, 2008)
Irish-style salad with Shanagarry cream dressing
Beer and Irish hard cider!

Hot tea
It may seem like we took a week off of our Irish celebration, but we were excited to get to have dinner at an Irish pub one night while we were on vacation (AND one amazing breakfast at an Irish tea house). That said, we're back to celebrating at home with a vengeance. Tonight is our favorite vegetarian Irish meal, a rich root vegetable soup and the most wonderful salad of all time. This meal always seems very wholesome and super satisfying to me and it's one we repeat each year around this time. We have even made this for St. Patrick's Day itself when we're having vegetarian guests. This year we're on our own so it's our traditional Corned Beef Three Ways for next Tuesday. We haven't made a new Irish recipe yet this year though, so I think we will carry St. Patrick's season a bit past the big day and make something new next week. Stay tuned!

Note: We have found that this really doesn't save well, so this year we only made a half recipe.

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Moderate
Chopping: Rutabaga, onion, potatoes, parsley, watercress, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes
Time: 35 minutes
Make ahead: I would do the stew last minute so the veggies don't absorb too much broth, but the salads can be composed ahead and dressed at the last minute (or at the table).

J: "It's a wonder we don't think of more vegetarian Irish meals!"
M: "Real Irish fare."

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