Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday - Out to dinner at Black and Blue

M and I had a date night at a local Williamsville restaurant, Black and Blue, that focuses on steak and seafood. We had never been there before and both really enjoyed it. Part of the appeal of the place is a truly fabulous decor. It's just a fun place to spend time. There is a two story glassed in wine cellar, a giant wall fireplace, cool lighting, and neat art. It wasn't overly loud even though there were quite a few people there on a Tuesday night, though I could see it being louder on a weekend. Our only complaint was that after telling our waiter we were not in a hurry and wanted a leisurly dinner, our entrees came out before we were even done with the appetizer we were splitting. While this was annoying, our waiter was clearlyupset about it and apologized profusly. In a truly professional place, he would have sent all the dishes back in addition to apologizing, but we weren't hurried at all after that.

The fried littleneck clams we split as an appetizer were lovely - crisp and flavorful. They were much richer than we expected, being combined with bacon and paired with a creamy dip. I had a salad and crabcakes for dinner and M had a lovely steak. We finished on a very high note with a truly outstanding banana cream pie. That's not even a dessert I typically love, but this version was out of sight.

All in all we really enjoyed it, especially since we live so close. We'll definitely be back.

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