Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well, January 6th is hardly mid-July. Then again, perhaps I should have expected that moving to Buffalo, buying our first house, M getting a new job, me going back to work after two years at home with T, and T starting daycare would take a bit more than a month of recovery time. It has. That said, even at our most hectic I have truly missed Ten Dinners and I am excited to be back.

Our little family has eaten very well in our new home. We're slowly getting used to not having access to Whole Foods OR Trader Joe's (though we haven't completely accepted that this is a permanent situation). We're learning more and more about local foods here in Western New York (who knew there was so much farmland up here!). AND, of course, we're enjoying the snow.

I'm hoping to get back to daily posts now, but perhaps being a working blogger will force me to change the format. Stay tuned for changes and PLEASE send me comments and thoughts. I love to hear from you!


Angie said...

Welcome back! And good luck balancing blogging, mommying, and working!

Mike Subelsky said...

welcome back! Laura and I look forward to the bold upstate NY influences in your cuisine!

Marie said...

Good to have Ten Dinners back!!!!