Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hungarian paprika potato soup (recipe definitely NOT in the comments)
Emmentahler cheese
Pumpernickel bread

Hot tea

Well, everyone has to bomb sometime. This was a slow cooker recipe that I was very excited about. I love Hungarian flavors (paprika, celery seed, etc) and this was a vegetarian soup made in the slow cooker. Regular readers know how hard I hunt for cool veggie recipes and how much I love my slow cooker, so this seemed like a slam dunk. Alas, no. The potatoes didn't cook enough, despite two extra hours of cooking. The nutmeg turned out to be bitter. There was too much pepper. Worst, even if we fixed these things, I didn't detect an underlying flavor that was worth rescuing. Sigh. It was edible, especially after the addition of sugar and some yogurt to smooth the bitter nutmeg and spicy pepper, but no one was enthusiastic.

So a bit of history: tonight is the first recipe I will not post because I can't imagine anyone wanting to make it. It's been a long time coming. Better luck tomorrow!


Burt said...

Yes, but I'll bet the cheese and bread were WONDERFUL!

J said...

I've never eaten such wonderful bread!