Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday - Friends come over for carry out wings!

Wings (yes, the Buffalo variety ;)
Onion rings
Celery and carrots

Hot tea

We have been living in Buffalo for more than six months and have yet to try a Buffalo wing (no need to say the Buffalo part when you live here - everyone knows what a wing is). This is something of a travesty, perhaps only matched by the fact that I am more than thirty years old and have never tried a wing. Obviously, now that we live here, both matters have to be rectified. So, some friends of ours from college, who have lived here longer than we have, came over and we had wings from one of the best local wing venues, Duffs. Here's the dope: They're good. We both loved them and M, who has had wings before in other cities, proclaims these a definite step up. So if you love wings and even if you have some wing trepidation, I strongly recommend you try them here. Yum.

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