Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ten dinners? is going back on vacation. M is doing another round of job-related travel and so T and I are taking off to see the grandparents in Washington, DC. M will come to DC between his jaunts, so we'll be sure T remembers him when it's all done! We'll be back in MI on the 13th of February and ready to cook for ourselves again. Stay tuned and happy eating while we're gone.


Satya said...


scrambled egg burrito
sliced red pepper

frozen berries dusted with sugar
candied ginger

There's hope to get me above ten yet....

J said...

like an awesome meal! We'd eat this any night. I'm especially impressed by the dessert - we rarely get that cool. I bet you have 12 dinners in you ;)

Satya said...


out to dinner between work and council meeting


Tomato Soup (from a box)
Rosemary Sea Salt Focacia (hurray for Willy St Coop!)
Salad (from a bag), homemade dressing

Hershey's Kisses
Candied Ginger

That's two!

J said...

You're going to beat ten before I come home from vacation!!!!

Kudos :)

Satya said...


The best Italian food in Madison, to go, eaten at a meeting


Sublime quiche at Cafe Monmarte, followed by creme brulee


Spaghetti with tomato sauce
garlic bread
salad (from a bag) and homemade dressing
Italian chianti


poached eggs with tomato on rosemary toast
apple slices

(somehow meals get mixed up on Sundays)


Annie's mac and cheese
carrot and celery sticks
minneola slices

J said...

I think you're doing amazing :) I'd put you up close to 10 already!

It's good to be back home and able to blog again, not to mention COOK! Yum yum.