Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday - Take out from Panda House

Egg drop soup
Steamed dumplings

Chicken with ginger and garlic sauce
Hunan double delight (supposedly)
Vegetable lo mein
There is little as depressing as eating food that's supposed to be a splurge and having it turn out to be mediocre. This has just happened to us. M and I had a take out night scheduled for this week and tonight we both had a hankering for Chinese. We had recently enjoyed the food from a place near us called Panda House, but tonight's dinner was really disappointing. The food was greasy, heavy, and not very flavorful. Worst, what was supposed to be Hunan double delight (spicy shrimp and beef) turned out to be an unidentified pork dish. Now I'm thinking longingly of the meals in our line-up that we could have had and enjoyed. Oh well, luckily there's always tomorrow.

J: "Disappointing."
M: "Generic Chinese - ugh."

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