Friday, November 23, 2007

Thursday - Thanksgiving

Homemade peppery pecans
Mixed olives

Cream of parsnip soup with flash fried onions and sage leaves

Gravy (Trader Joe's)
Dad's stuffing
Baked sweet potatoes
Slow-cooked Mediterranean green beans
Autumn harvest salad
Cranberry sauce (Trader Joe's)

Pumpkin pie
Whipping cream
Decaf hazelnut coffee and hot tea
We really scaled back our Thanksgiving this year to give us more time to hang out with our family and friends and also to have more ability to focus on T during Thanksgiving day. We made the pumpkin pie (I do crust, M does filling) the weekend before and froze it unbaked, baking it early Thanksgiving morning. Regular readers know we froze the soup last week, leaving only the flash frying (all M) for the day of. I made the pecans (crazily easy!) while T napped on Tuesday. This was the first year we haven't homemade gravy (good reviews on the TJs stuff). We eliminated more complex appetizers, mashed potatoes, a second vegetable dish, and the apple pie. While I have some sadness about losing all of these items, the prep and the products were both wonderful. All in all, I think it was one of my happiest Thanksgivings ever.

Prep Notes
Difficulty: The easiest Thanksgiving yet

J: "Let's do it again next year!"
M: "Unexpectedly good."

Note: Since I usually only post main dish recipes, I haven't posted a recipe for today. If you want a specific recipe for one of the side dishes, post a comment and I'll respond.

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