Monday, October 29, 2007

Visiting (or living in) Ann Arbor, Michigan? There's a new destination on the map - Cafe Habana on Washington Street. As former residents of southern California, the Latin cuisine scene in Michigan has been dire. When we saw the sign for Cafe Habana, we felt a glimmer of hope. Was an authentic Cuban restaurant going to open here? After looking at the menu online pre-opening we were even more excited, finding reasonable prices and a vast array of authentic sounding food that covered Cuban cuisine and more. They were planning to serve all three meals and have a late night bar (not so much our style right now with Mr. T, but promising anyway!). Well, today the team went for lunch and we were very excited by the results. Everything was enjoyed by all. My only complaint is that my sandwich would have been better with a more interesting side than pappas fritas (french fries), though the fries in question were very good. Perhaps we can relax about where to get our south of the border fix?

Goat cheese and salsa with house made tortillas

Mn: Arepas (corn cakes with goat cheese, mashed yucca, and spinach)
J: Vegetarian cuban (fantastic grilled vegetables pressed into tasty toasty bread)
M: Arroz con pollo

We thought we might despair without a steady diet of authentic Mexican fare, but Cafe Habana may just soothe our yearning and expand our horizons!


angie said...

Nate and I went there several weeks ago. We were big fans. He loved the soup and the plantains. I loved my veggie cuban. Great new addition (they are the ones who also opened melange--which is quite good, though quite pricey).

J said...

We were going to try the plantains, but petered out. Next time!!!