Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday - Delivery from Cottage Inn

Pizza with artichoke hearts, bell peppers, onion, black olives, and fresh tomatoes
Pizza with bacon, spinach, and fresh tomatoes (B.S.T.)
Greek salad

Halloween oreos
Hot tea
Tonight was our annual pumpkin carving night, so cooking was dispensed with to make time for this important holiday activity. Halloween is pretty serious in this household and allowances have to be made. We partook of the fabulous local pizza chain, Cottage Inn. The original Cottage Inn was opened by two undergrads at the University of Michigan, who were hoping to one day open a restaurant. They realized that a college town desperately needed delivery pizza and a local legend was born. Due to their unexpected and widespread success, the brothers put off their dream of opening a more upscale establishment, but about four years ago they fulfilled that part of the dream, opening The Quarter.

Prep Notes
Delivery can really be your friend

J: "Boy do we have a cool looking jack-o-lantern!"
M: "Why yes, Cottage Inn is all that and a bag of chips. B.S.T. is my new favorite pizza."
Mn: "Sometimes you just need a break from cooking."

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