Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday - Out to dinner at Gin Gin

M and I were going to see Avenue Q (the musical with puppets) tonight, but didn't have our sitter until 7, so we decided to go out with t and were looking for somewhere near campus. We'd been wanting to try a Chinese place near UB, called Gin Gin for a while, so we gave it a whirl. The food is supposed to be more authentic than our current favorite Golden Duck. The results were mixed. I think M liked it a lot, but while I found some parts excellent, much of it was very greasy and overly sweet to my taste. Also vegetables were virtually non-existent - always a downside for me. So, maybe we'll have to give it another try before we get a final verdict.

Steamed dumplings (dumplings = some of the best ever, sauce = VERY sweet)
Hot and sour soup (AMAZING)

T - Shrimp lo mein (good, but a bit greasy)
J - Mongolian beef (really sweet, sticky and greasy)
M - Special marinated duck over rice (M reports this was great, but it looked VERY heavy)

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