Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday - Happy Labor Day!

Hot dogs on whole grain buns
Local corn
Baked beans
Sliced local tomatoes and peaches

Beer! (Also local :)
Everyone loves an American holiday and we are always up for grilling. Before coming to Buffalo I wasn't a big hot dog fan,but we have two local purveyors here that make an entirely different product from the one's you get in the deli case in most grocery stores. This time around we tried Wardynski's All Natural ones and they were very good. For the Buffalo insiders, I think I like Sahlen's spicing a little better, but I don't think they do an all natural. We may have to do a tie breaker soon :) The corn season will end in a couple weeks and we just can't help taking advantage. The sweet corn this year has been out of sight - same goes for the peaches. I love harvest!

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Too easy
Chopping: Husking corn, slicing tomatoes and peaches
Time: 20 minutes
Make ahead: Why?

"A meal for a day of relaxation!"

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