Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday - Out to dinner with friends at Taste of India

We went to Taste of India on Sheridan with friends tonight. We knew them in college and they have a daughter who is about 2 years older than Theo. Despite the age gap, they seem to like each other a lot, which is good since M and I like the parents a lot :) Fun was had by all. The kids managed to use their indoor voices most of the time and the food was very good. The buffet was very much appreciated by hungry kids and adults!


Sarah said...

Yeah, I'm not sure what we were thinking not saying "Buffet now, please" right when we walked in the door.

J said...

It didn't occur to us either. I only became cognizant of this the fourth time Theo pointed at things on the menu and said "That too, Mama." He can't even read, but he knows he wants it all.