Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday - Taste of Williamsville

Tonight was Taste of Williamsville, where a variety of more or less local restaurants gather in one of our local parks and provide samples of their menus. We went last year, right after moving here, but T was a bit too young and it was rather difficult. Not so this year. T loved it, the food was awesome AND one of the booths was a new restaurant that isn't even open yet that seems great! It's called Jojo's and will be a bistro/wine bar and the food was incredible. We got a proscuitto wrapped fig stuffed with blue cheese that everyone loved, but that T downed most of. When he registered our shock at not getting to eat more than a tiny taste each, our 3-year-old did a victory dance! He then came up to me and said,"Well, Mama it was GOOD." Yes, it was. Fun was had by all :)

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