Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday - Pre date night dinner out with T at La Tolteca

M and I had planned to go out to see Harry Potter tonight and (since the movie is 2.5 hours) we didn't want to put T down, eat out, and then start the movie. Otherwise, we'd get home so late we'd be zombies! So, we took T out for Mexican right after work/preschool. We went to La Tolteca once when we were here looking at houses and were not very impressed, but people kept talking about it so we tried again. I don't know if it was just better dishes we ordered or if the first visit was a very off night, but this visit was great. All of us enjoyed it - especially T.

Beef verde tacos (M)
Shrimp fajitas (J)
Soft taco and cheese enchilada meal (T)

Everything was yummy, not greasy, and flavorful. Also the chips and salsa get a big thumbs up, which is critical for a good Mexican place. We'll be back!

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