Sunday, July 12, 2009


Broiled falafel (Thank you Fantastic Foods)
Tomato cucumber relish
Yogurt with goat cheese and garlic
Whole wheat pita

Hot tea
I gave my first exam today and so we needed an easy, relaxing summer meal. Fantastic foods is an organic manufacturer and we love their falafel which you can broil, rather than fry. This makes it about 10X healthier for you than falafel you get out. We make it with a chopped mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, parsley, chili pepper, and lemon. We top this with yogurt mixed with a couple spoons of goat cheese a smidge of salt and miced garlic. It's fantastic AND easy.

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Super easy
Chopping: Tomato, cucumber, scallion, pepper, garlic
Time: 30 minutes
Make ahead:This saves very well - lunch Friday was excellent :)

J: "Thank goodness there is reasonably healthy prepared food!"
M: "Mmmmph!"

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