Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday - Belated Birthday Party for T

The weekend of T's actual birthday we had just gotten back from DC, he was starting at his new preschool and I was about to start teaching my new class. Unsurprisingly, we put off having a party - until today! We had a great time with friends and kids and just the right amount of chaos. Also, we had great food, which always makes makes for a good party!

Veggies and dip
Lemon and dill hummus
Mixed herb chevre and crackers
Fruit kabobs (Thank you Cathy and Chris!)
Caprese salad (Thank you Stephanie!)
Cheese Its

Pizza from Great Northern Pizza Kitchen

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting
Graham crackers with extra frosting to spread

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Sarah said...

I am still amused by the discovery that the dog likes Cheez Its.