Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday - Canceled out to dinner

Today was supposed to be another date night - we even had a sitter lined up, but my cold has morphed into laryngitis and so chatting together at a restaurant seemed like less fun than usual :) So, we canceled and ordered Chinese take out. I have a true love of Chinese take out, but much of it is pretty disappointing. We like places with sauces that taste very different, aren't greasy, have enough heat (spice), and serve main dishes with LOTS of vegetables. This seems hard to come by. We loved our Chinese place in Ann Arbor, but have found one nearly as good in Buffalo, Golden Duck. It's telling that as we ordered tonight none of the dishes we've tried on the menu had negative comments by them and many have two stars! On tap for tonight:

Steamed dumplings
Egg drop soup
Pork with broccoli garlic sauce
General Tso's chicken
Vegetarian fried rice

We had previously had the dumplings and fried rice (both are truly excellent). The egg drop soup was fine, but not M's favorite version. The pork with broccoli garlic sauce was INCREDIBLE - truly hard to beat. The General Tso's managed to be good chicken with excellent batter (not greasy or limp), but we both agreed that the sauce was too sweet for our taste. While this sounds a bit mixed all of our complaints stem from our personal take on dishes (rather than true recipe flaws) and we both remain convinced that this is overall a good Chinese place. One more thing that makes Buffalo feel like home...

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David said...

You should try Bamboo China. They serve authentic Chinese style Korean food such as Cha-Jang-Myun or Tang-Soo-Yuk. The restaurant is located at Quality Market.