Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday - Pre Memorial Day cookout

Grilled sausages (Chicken with garlic and roasted red pepper and one bratwurst for M)
Grilled veggies with balsamic (A variety of squashes, sweet onions, and portobellos)
Orzo with lemon and oregano

Hot tea
It's hard to pass up grilled for Memorial Day. Even though it's early this year, it still feels like the official beginning of summer. And to welcome us home from Kansas City, Buffalo is providing us with AMAZING weather - low 70s, sunny, no humidity. Who could ask for better? Anyway, we had been thinking of doing pasta salad for Memorial Day, but just couldn't resist the pull of the grill. M is generally happy with chicken sausage, but wanted the real deal for today and who can argue? He's mostly making a meal of the brat and mushrooms. Anyway, celebrations were had by all. We decided that Sunday was more festive for the celebration because we aren't working tomorrow :) Happy holiday everyone!

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Super easy
Chopping: Squash (halved), onion (sliced thick), oregano
Time: 30 minutes (after you preheat the grill)
Make ahead: Don't you always grill last minute?

J: "An American tradition."
M: "Who doesn't love to grill?"

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