Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday - Out to dinner at Merge

Wednesday was date night again this week and M and I tried a restaurant that opened downtown on January 1 - so new to us and new to the area. It's called Merge and they focus on vegetarian and vegan food, but they also have organic chicken and fish. The menu is inventive and fun and very diverse. We took way more time trying to figure out what to eat than usual because there was very little we could eliminate from the option pool! I ended up getting the Moroccan chickpea soup special and the Caribbean stir fried rice (another special), while M got the tomato basil soup and a vegan lasagne. Everything we ate was incredible - fresh, well seasoned, interesting. It was a perfect meal.

Here's some additional upsides:
1) They have an extensive wine menu with lots of organic options.
2) We didn't expect this, but they had two local improv troops there doing comedy after the dinner hour (so just as we were getting our check). They were very funny.
3) It's INCREDIBLY cheap. The highest entree price we saw was $12!
4) We were almost the oldest people there :) This is a great change for us!

So, all in all GO Merge and GO Buffalo! We need more places like this! For now, we will be back.

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