Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Chinese longevity noodles (recipe in the comments from June 2, 2008)
Shrimp shu-mei

Hot tea
We're trying our new version of Chinese longevity noodles. We first made these last June and they were a bit bland. So we posted a stab at a more flavorful version, but this is the first time we've gotten around to trying it again. The result is very good, but still subtle. I think that it benefits from a good amount of freshly ground pepper at the table and a splash of extra soy. The blend of vegetables is great and adds a freshness I like a lot. The noodles are a little thin without a substantial side, so we use this as a chance to have Chinese dumplings (yep, right out of the freezer). Oranges are a perfect dessert - sweet and fresh.

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Moderate
Chopping: Ginger, garlic, cabbage, snow peas, cilantro
Time: 40 minutes
Make ahead: I think this is best last minute

J: "Unusual comfort food."
M: M is snoozing post dinner, so I didn't ask him :)

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