Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday - Fish fry!

The Friday fish fry is a Lenten tradition in many areas, but nowhere have I seen it more entrenched and pervasive than in Buffalo. Every restaurant, grocery store, and group looking for a charitable event has fish fries throughout the season. The signs and ads for them are everywhere. Anyway, M and I felt that we couldn't miss this in our first Lent here in Buffalo. So, after we got T at daycare, we went to a local restaurant (the Buffalo Brew Pub) and had the best fried fish ever. The fish was thick and perfectly cooked, with a very light breading. The fries were incredible. The service excellent. And the house brewed beer was great! As far as T was concerned the best part was that after you order you get to get in shell peanuts (shells thrown on the floor!) and popcorn. How cool is that? Now imagine you're two and a half. What an experience!

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