Saturday, February 21, 2009


Dublin parsnip colcannon (recipe in the comments from February 23, 2008)
Chicken sausage with apples
Pickled beet salad with scallions

Hot tea
Dark chocolate kisses with Creme de Menthe
Michael and I have begun our annual celebration of our non-Irish heritage (see last year's post from February 23 to read the whole story of St.Patrick's Day Season). This is one of my favorite discoveries from our Irish cookbook. I love the bright green color and the yummy blend of parsnip and potato. It has an odd similarity to our parsnip soup, from Thanksgiving actually. The end product seems almost sweet. We were disappointed this year because, despite a larger Irish population in Buffalo than in Ann Arbor, we did not find true bangers. In fact, our sausage selection is woefully inadequate in MANY respects. The chicken apple was the best we could do, but I think we'll be ordering online for next year. They were yummy, but I felt they didn't fit in well at all. We cooked the colcannon this afternoon and dined with T, who gave everything two wee thumbs up - especially the sausage - so maybe I'm being too critical :)

Yes, the kisses are special for St. Patrick's Day. T found them in Target and we couldn't resist. Yum.

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Moderate
Chopping: Potatoes, parsnips, kale, beets, scallions
Time: 45 minutes
Make ahead: I'd do the sausage last minute, but everything else saves well.

J: "I feel robbed of bangers."
M: "I love parsnips."

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