Monday, February 2, 2009


Pasta with chickpea and garlic sauce (recipe in the comments from November 28, 2008)
Steamed broccoli rabe and lemon

Hot tea
English toffee
As we commented the first time we made this, the sauce is creamy without the cream. I still find the outcome amazing. How does this get so rich seeming without any fat other than the oil you saute the garlic in??? The chickpea is amazing. I love the freshness of this dish and I think you may notice a subtle shift as we move into February. We still make warming meals, as we are still in the depths of winter, but I think many of them look forward to spring. The grape tomatoes and lemon in this forecast warmer days to come. This is a promise we're most focused on here in Buffalo right now! That said, it was sunny and in the upper 30s again today. How sweet.

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Moderate
Chopping: Garlic (crushed and minced), grape tomatoes, parsley, broccoli rabe
Time: 35 minutes
Make ahead: You can make the sauce ahead and toss over freshly cooked pasta.

J: "This is always startlingly good."
M: "Surprisingly hearty!"

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Sarah said...

Totally stealing this one!