Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friday - Out to dinner at The Wine Thief

M and I had an unusual Friday date night (we usually go out during the work week) and went to a relatively new Buffalo establishment, The Wine Thief. It's a wine bar in the Elmwood Village, with a cool bar and a small number of tables. From the moment we walked in, it was clear that it was a hot spot in town. The place was packed. Luckily for us most of the patrons wanted to sit at the bar and we wanted a table. A short wait later, we had a cozy table for two. The noise level from the crown hadn't dimmed much, but sitting for dinner was much nicer than standing.

We both LOVED this restaurant. We split a cheese board (pick three cheeses from a list of 8 or 9) with a sage derby, a Manchego, and a blue. All were fabulous and we loved the olives, grapes, and grilled bread. Also, there was a TON of cheese. You could easily make a meal of the cheese board and another small item. Thankfully, we didn't. Michael's lobster risotto was perfectly don't with a nice bite to the rice and a ligthness you don't associate with most restaurant risottos. The sour cherry sauce it came with was overly sweet to our taste, but we both thought it was a good "concept" and worth the risk. My pasta bolognese was perfect. I mean it perfect. The sauce was very vegetable-y (carrots, celery, onions) with perfectly cooked meat and the right level of wine. Just like the risotto, it had a lightness that is completely unexpected out.

All in all a big home run. We'll definitely be back.

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