Sunday, January 11, 2009


Soup beans (recipe in the comments from November 6, 2007)
Turnip and collard greens with onions
Company corn bread

Hot tea
York peppermint patties

Today was a glorious day! It was in the upper 20s all day and brightly sunny. We got around 4" of snow last night, but today was bright and virtually wind-free. It was the *perfect* time for our first foray sledding. Last year T was less than thrilled about sledding, but apparently he was just waiting for Buffalo snow. He loved it! We went to our local hill with some of our neighbors and, despite being uncertain initially, had a ball! We came home and prepped a hearty dinner of beans and cornbread. The beans cook for around 2 hours, so they're best done ahead. After that, we watched T's first episode of Sesame Street. He LOVED it and it made me cry to enjoy it with him. What memories! We came home from church this evening and dinner was basically ready for us to enjoy together (We're eating with T more often these days). Anyway, this was the perfect end to a wonderful Sunday.

Prep notes
Difficulty: Super easy, but LONG cooking time.
Chopping: Ham
Time: 10 minutes to prep, about 2 hours to cook (plus time for cornbread and greens)
Make ahead: Absolutely. Thin with a bit of water it it gets to thick.

J: "It's been WAY too long."
M: "Stick to your ribs goodness, Y'all!"

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