Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In case I haven't mentioned it enough, my family (minus T) not only likes to eat, but we also like to drink. As I've become more interested in, and concerned about, farming practices, I have become more interested in the environmental effects of growing everything. This includes grapes. Eating Well (a favorite source for recipes) just came up with a list of 6 biodynamic wines to try. I'm all for it and excitedly turn to the list, only to discover that there is only one bottle below $15 (and $14 at that) and most of them are in the high $20s. Now, I know you have to pay for quality, but at prices like that I simply can't afford to drink these wines everyday. Once again, I am faced with questions on how to eat and drink well, while being sustainable. Sadly, I'm not any closer to the answer when it comes to wine.


Adrienne said...

Welcome back Jessica! I have no wine advice, but I hope you enjoy blogging again.

Burt said...

Great to have Ten Dinners back!