Sunday, March 2, 2008

Saturday - Out at Zingerman's Roadhouse

Pimento cheese spread

Five burger sampler (M)
North Carolina pulled pork, spinach (J)
Mac n' cheese with chicken, corn, and cilantro (Mn)

Ari's doughnut sundae (M)
Lemon chess pie (J)
Rocky road gelato (Mn)
It turns out that Mn has never been to the Roadhouse with us, so while we wouldn't usually go out twice in a visit with her, we decided she had to make a trip to such an amazing restaurant! We had a great time, ate way too much, and feel all the better for it. Another home run for our favorite local hang-out.

J: "I can't believe this place is down the street."
M: "A hell of a neighborhood restaurant."
Mn: "What a festive restaurant!"

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