Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday -Take out from Lucky Kitchen

Steamed dumplings
Special hot and sour soup

Hunan chicken
Lucky deluxe her fun

Hot tea
So I haven't been feeling up to snuff today and we had a ton to do tonight, so it was emergency take out for us. Hopefully we'll have the new curry we had planned soon. We're trying yet another new Chinese place, as we haven't been happy with any of the places we've tried here in Ann Arbor that deliver (critical). We were both very impressed with Lucky Kitchen. The food has a very fresh taste, low salt content, and didn't seem greasy at all. Best of all the Hunan chicken was a little spicy for me - meaning it's ACTUALLY spicy! This seems rare here in Michigan. All in all, I think we'll be going back when we need a Chinese fix.

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Easy by design

J: "I'm a new fan of Lucky Kitchen."
M: "Yum."

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