Thursday, February 21, 2008


White cheddar mac n' cheese (yep, out of a box)
Sauteed fresh spinach

Hot tea
English toffee
Well, I guess it's true confessions here folks. I like box mac n' cheese. I don't think it tastes like macaroni and cheese that M and I make from scratch (which we have several excellent recipes for), but I like it. It conjures up all sorts of comforting feelings from my childhood. M had an unplanned dinner thing for work tonight and I was looking at my options (leftover so-so fish from last night, canned soup, take out) and mac n' cheese won. I suppose being honest about this is all in service of admitting that I'm human and we don't eat exceptionally all the time. Also, no one should feel bad about their box mac n' cheese habit.

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Super easy!
Chopping: Nothing!
Time: 15 minutes
Make ahead: If you have to :)

J: "Definitely better than last nights fish :)"

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