Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday - Happy Valentine's Day!

Gourmet picnic fare courtesy of Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Zingerman's Deli!!!!

Pinot grigio salami
Duck armangnac pate
Basque shepard's cheese
French green beans (raw)
Mixed olives


M and I started a tradition of an indoor picnic in front of a fire MANY years ago to celebrate Valentine's. This way we don't have to deal with the crowds at restaurants, bad service, etc. Also, we started dating on February 19th and still celebrate that anniversary as the most important one to our relationship (our wedding anniversary is somehow less of an event). This is two big celebrations right together (and right after my February 5th birthday!) and so a lower key Valentine's is excellent. We love this and eat all sorts of bad for us things - it's wonderful!!!!

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Prep?
Chopping: Merely unwrap and enjoy!
Time: None
Make ahead: The best make ahead - made by someone else!

J: "Can we bottle this post-postprandial feeling???"
M: "If this doesn't get you in the mood, nothing will!"

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