Thursday, December 6, 2007

While this certainly isn't a blog devoted to parenting or even the feeding of kids, T's presence in our lives has been noted many times. Our 17 month old colors all aspects of our lives and for the most part makes them much more joyous. Who could be sad with such an amazing and adventurous eater?

One of the downsides of parenting though is the sudden plethora of colds that traipse into our house and take root. This has been brutal this fall as T is associating with more of his own kind while we are out and about. I feel especially bad for him (though both M and I have had our fair share of colds this fall) because there's so little we can do to help him. As any news-watcher is aware, cold medications aren't recommended for kids under 6 anymore. We are blessed that our pediatricians got this word before the official recall of such drugs and so we didn't give them to T. That said, saline nose drops, baby Vicks, and a humidifier are a lot less powerful than a big dose of Sudafed. Well, folk cures are back in business in this new climate and apparently Gramma wins again with the old honey-before-bed advice. It works!

The article makes this point, but I would like to reiterate that you should NOT give honey to kids under age 1 due to the (admittedly unlikely, but still present) risk of botulism.

At any rate, dose away with no fear. Your kids will like it (hey, I might like it for me!) and there are no bad side effects! I love food, don't you?

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